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If you are looking for Knowledge believe me you are in the right place. This is the place (EEngineer) where students learn all about Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Me or “EEngineer” is dedicated to making students technically strong in all the subjects related to Electrical engineering, Electronics engineering, and Instrumentation engineering. So he/she can perform well in academics and excel in their career in the right way.

Firstly we have very basics of Electrical Engineering articles in the category of Electricity, Electrical machines, Networks, Lenz’s law, Faraday’s law, etc. So the student can understand bigger and more complex topics easily. We also have articles with MATLAB examples.

To learn about the Electronics Enginering, check our articles on Active & passive elements,

To learn about basic Mathematics to Engineering Mathematics check “EEngineer”.

EEngineer: Electrical Generator Articles


Every electronics and electrical component needs electricity. So we need generators for this. The generator is the most precious and most expensive thing in the power system. Those are available as AC and DC sources. AC generator is also known as Alternator. So this section of the website is helping you with the Generation of the electricity tutorial. Have fun.


EEngineer: Electrical Transformer Articles


Here we discuss all the things related to the electrical transformer. A transformer is a static device that is to amplify or rectify a signal. The transformer which levels up the electrical voltage is the Step-up transformer. Whereas which lowers the voltage is Step down transformer. It has several types like Two winding transformers, auto-transformer, power and distribution and current transformer, single-phase transformers, three-phase transformers, and much more.

Power System


Here are the articles related to the power transmission system. Learn most of the power system parameters, problems, effects, and their solutions accordingly. We are covering Materials used in the transmission system HVAC, HVDC systems, and different theoretical tutorials. Also, we discuss various design and foundation aspects of the power transmission towers.