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EEngineer provides knowledge of all the subjects related to Electrical and Electronics Engineering. They have a team of people who are continuously managing to make EEngineer a good source of information.

EEngineer has currently two authors one for Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the other for mathematics articles.

We have plenty of articles related to Electrical Engineering topics and mathematics for zero to advanced versions.

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Noman Zahoor

Author: Noman Zahoor

An Indian Native, Entrepreneur, and Professional Electrical and Electronics Engineer. He loves to teach in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering domain. Publishes Research paper in International Journal: “Power quality improvement of single-phase grid-connected PV system”.

Noman Zahoor is the Founder and CEO of EEngineer.in

I am here to help you with the Power systems, DC machines, Synchronous machines, Induction machines, Transformers, and much more in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Mohammad Alsaif

Author: Mohammad Alsaif

An Indian Native, Teacher, and Professional Electrical and Electronics Engineer. He loves to teach in the “Mathematics” domain. Also, he has a Team of people teaching locally for competitive exams and performing well.

He manages a Youtube channel called “Edutalk with saif”.

I am here to help You with the Mathematics Topics from basics to Advance competition level Number systems, Trigonometry, Geometry, Integration, Differentiation, and much more.

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