Lap and Wave winding with Equalizer ring & Dummy coil


A rotating machine has an essential part known as Armature winding. Generally, this is responsible for making a rotating magnetic field in a machine. As a result, it provides back emf to the supply. This armature winding is classified into two types. One is Lap winding and another is Wave winding. These have their special … Read more

Geometrical Neutral Axis (GNA) and Magnetic Neutral Axis (MNA)


What are the Geometrical neutral axis (GNA) and Magnetic neutral axis (MNA)? The Geometrical Neutral axis (GNA) bisects the angle between the two poles of a machine. Whereas the Magnetic Neutral axis (MNA) is the perpendicular axis on the magnetic flux line. Also machine has a “Direct (D) axis” and “Quadrature (Q) axis”. What is … Read more