DELTA to STAR conversion Formula with {FREE PDF} & STAR to DELTA


A Delta to star conversion is a “pi” model circuit to a “T” model circuit conversion. Similarly, star to delta conversion means “T” model to “Pi” model conversion. This makes a more straightforward calculation and analysis of the complex circuit. Also, we will see a Delta to star conversion formula with the FREE pdf. What … Read more

Capacitor: definition, types, unit, formula, symbol


Generally, a capacitor is a Charge-storing element. It consumes the electrical energy and stores charge inside the Dielectric, up to the equilibrium attained with the applied voltage. As it stores electrical energy, it can be a source. When the source is absent and it connects to other passive elements. Which are like Resistor, Inductor, Capacitor. … Read more

Inductor definition, symbol, unit, energy stored, formula, types & applications


Here I am talking about Inductor definition, symbol, unit, energy stored, formula, types, and applications. What is an Inductor’s Definition? Definition of the inductor may be in many ways: By Definition, the inductor is an electrical/electronic circuit component that reflects some amount of resistance and inductance to the circuit. It is a helical path of … Read more