Difference between Capacitor and Inductor | Inductor vs Capacitor

Inductor vs Capacitor

There are many differences between Capacitor and Inductor but the main difference between Capacitor and an inductor is that a Capacitor doesn’t allow sudden variation of voltage across its terminals whereas an Inductor doesn’t allow a sudden change in current through it. Capacitor stores energy in an electric field whereas the inductor stores energy in … Read more

What is Voltage Divider or Division Rule? with Formula and Example

Generally, we need the Voltage division Formula where there is a Series network of the different elements like Resistor, Capacitor, or Inductor. We can use the Voltage Divider/Division Rule to find the voltage across each element of the circuit easily with examples. Then there is no need to apply KCL (Kirchhoff’s current law) and KVL … Read more