Difference between Concentrated and Distributed winding

Electromagnetic armature winding creates magnetic poles, which can be concentrated as a single north and south pole in a concentrated winding configuration. However, in a distributed winding configuration, the armature has multiple north and south poles.

Concentrated Winding

According to concentrated winding, the coil turns are concentrated in one place. So no production of the pitch factor or distribution factor for these winding. In addition, these winding have a unity Pitch factor and Distribution factor.

Firstly Consider DC generator Machine.

  • In Concentrated winding, the output voltage has more ripples than the Distributed winding.
  • Hence, terminals of the distributed winding may deliver pure DC (Form factor: FF =1).

Below are some useful details related to concentrated winding are:

Coils in series connection.
Number of polesequal to the number of slots.
Coil type Multi-turn coil.
Magnetic axis Same for each turn of the single coil.
ApplicationTransformer winding, synchronous, and DC machine winding.

Distributed Winding

A winding that is spread throughout the periphery of the rotor/ stator having the least air gap is known as Distributed winding. In short, the EMF induced in it is due to the pitch factor or distribution factor. Further, It does not have the same magnetic axis for each coil. So this winding induces lesser EMF.

This winding is always better to use as it gives the best output waveform much closer to the sinusoidal waveform.

Below are some useful details related to Distributed winding are:

Coils Along the air gap periphery.
Number of polesNot equal to the number of slots.
Coil type full pitched or distributed.
Application Stator and rotor of the Induction Machine,
 the armature winding of synchronous.

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Difference between Concentrated and Distributed winding

Distributed windingConcentrated winding
If coils of the winding of a single pole are distributed throughout the space is called Distributed winding.If the Coils of the winding of a single pole are concentrated on one axis is called Concentrated winding.
A distributed winding is always wound on at least two stator teeth.Whereas a concentrated winding is wound over only single stator teeth.
Practically, this type of winding is used in armature winding of the Induction machine, Synchronous machine, and DC machine.But this type of winding is used in Transformers, Electromagnets, solenoids, etc.
Generally in Distributed winding number of poles is not equal to the number of slots.But in Concentrated winding number of poles is equal to the number of slots

Advantages of Distributed over the concentrated winding

There are several advantages of using distributed winding over concentrated winding in electrical machines:

  1. Reduced cogging torque: Cogging torque is the torque that is exerted on the rotor due to the interaction between the rotor and stator magnets. A distributed winding reduces cogging torque, leading to a smoother operation of the machine.
  2. Improved thermal performance: Distributed windings have better heat dissipation, which leads to a cooler operation of the machine and reduces the risk of thermal damage.
  3. Increased power density: Distributed windings allow for a higher power density, which means that more power can be generated from a smaller machine.
  4. Reduced ripple: Distributed windings reduce the ripple in the generated voltage, which leads to a cleaner output and improved efficiency.
  5. Improved reliability: Distributed windings are less prone to damage and have a longer life expectancy, which improves the reliability of the machine.
  6. Better mechanical stability: Distributed windings provide better mechanical stability, which helps to reduce the effect of mechanical vibrations on the machine.

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