Easy laptop battery repair, say no to replacement

Things to know for Laptop battery repair

what is the Li-ion battery?

lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery. Lithium-ion batteries are mainly used for portable electronics like laptops, mobiles, torches, and electric vehicles. The batteries have a high energy density, no memory effect, and low self-discharge. It can be used in laptop battery repair because most laptop batteries contain cylindrical Li-ion cells. 

Charge/discharge efficiency80–90%
Energy/consumer-price6.4 Wh/US$
voltage rating3.7~ 4.2 volts
current ratingas per the applications
capacity2000 mAh, 1500 mAh, etc
Cycle durability400–1,200 cycles
sizeLi-ion cell > AA cell > AAA cell
Size comparison of Li-ion and AAA and AA batteries
size comparison of an AA battery and Li-ion battery

Size comparison of batteries

A Li-ion battery is a much more powerful version of the battery as compared to the normal AA batteries and AAA batteries. Hence accordingly size differs.

The size of the Li-ion battery is greater than these batteries. Whereas mAh is also greater if compared to the same power rating of the normal AA, AAA batteries.

As mentioned above voltage rating of the Li-ion battery is 3.7-4.2 volts. Whereas AA and AAA batteries come with the 1.5 V rating only.

The life cycle also differs with the manufacturer brands.

There is a need for the different sockets for Li-ion batteries than AA and AAA’s because of the size variation.

They can be connected in series and parallel to consume according to the project’s need.

And lastly, the major drawback of AA, and AAA is that they are not rechargeable whereas Li-ion batteries are Rechargeable.

why should I prefer repair instead of buying a new laptop battery?

As a student and as a common person I prefer price drops rather than spending a lot for the same quality. Now as a researcher I would like to say that anyone can repair it if he/she knows basic electronics.

Why I got motivated to write this article is: I recently got my laptop battery dead which was very frustrating. and the funny thing about the laptops is that they may be powered even if there is no battery (don’t get surprised, I plugged the charger only). But when there is no power in the house, the laptop is dead. My work is lost every time. Then I did research and read some articles and got an idea. That I can repair my dead battery by changing only the dead cells inside the laptop battery.

Cost: It is a very big reason to choose repair instead of buying a new one. If your laptop is a low cost then the cost of the whole battery may be lesser (nut not less than the repair cost). If you have a high-end laptop like MacBook or legion etc then the cost is very high. I searched for a Macbook battery it costs my smartphone in the pocket.

One Li-ion that I used is around 200 INR. And my brand new laptop battery costs 2200 INR. My laptop is using 6 of these cells, which means if I replace all of these cells then it will be costing lesser than the brand new battery.

can I repair the laptop battery?


Repairing a laptop battery is very easy if you know the basics of the connection and testing of the cells. And series and parallel connection of resistors. There is no need for a professional hand to repair it. You only need these things.

  1. A very basic Voltmeter.
  2. laptop battery to be repaired.
  3. And of course Li-ion cells.

Steps to Laptop battery Repair –

  • Detecting damaged cells: Use a multimeter/ voltmeter to check the voltage across each cell present in the battery after individually removing the cells from the circuit. Generally 3.6 or above volt charged batteries are good below this voltage are the bad ones. Replace the bad ones with the new ones.
  • Connecting new cells: Replace bad cells with the new cells. Be careful to connect in the same polarity as mentioned.
  • the full battery pack gives around 11.1 volts. So after the connection ends should give nearly 11.1 volts output.
  • Repacking the battery: before repacking the battery we need to check whether all the connections are intact or not. And then pack it. I will recommend fully charging the battery after the replacement then you should use it. It will help to improve the imbalance in the voltages inside the battery cells between new ones and old ones.
  • Hazard: As these cells are very powerful you should not throw them in open. It may blast. Enjoy a brand new battery.!!!

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