🔥New ways to Making Money Online/ Offline for student, workers

You may have seen articles over the internet about online money making in one day or less but they are not logical or proven. If you are the kind of person to make money by shortcuts, this could be dangerous in the long run.

Before reading the article you should be clear on one thing: quantity and quality of the money should be at maximum to choose an excellent and perfect job.

Firstly choose in which category you fall:

  1. Student
  2. Worker

The following list can help you get a nice and durable source of income. I have divided them into two categories:

  1. Online Money Making
  2. Offline Money Making

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Online Money making:

These jobs are ideal for any type of person except an illiterate. An online job needs a stable internet connection, medium-performance PC, and mobile in some cases.

This job is technology driven so you may need a good command over devices and technology.

This category is evergreen no matter where you are located. Rural or urban areas also doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is good knowledge or experience.

Online money-making is easy that’s why I wrote it in the beginning. Below is the best researched, updated list of money-making ideas:

1. Do Freelancing:

Working for clients for single or multiple tasks and getting paid without fear of being kicked out is known as freelancing.

There are many websites (Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Upwork) that provide freelancing work by taking a small amount of the commission. These websites work in all countries.

Hidden Gem: You can work for multiple clients/companies at a time. Nowadays experts don’t work they make a freelancing startup and work in multiple categories. Because they hire the right employees and put them the work from clients.

  • Toughness- easy (In the start it is tough to find work)
  • Durability- Medium
  • Knowledge- Expertise needed
  • Amount- earnings are endless here as you expand in working areas.
  • Student: Yes
  • Workers: Yes

2. Earn by Youtube video making:

If you wanted to be famous as well as rich this is the perfect source. There are various niches you can work to make money online Through youtube.

I have seen many YouTubers having zero knowledge and earning a lot of money. You need to be an expert in making videos only. And select a niche and it’s done.

  • Toughness- Medium
  • Durability- medium
  • Threshold: you need 1000 subscribers to monetize your channel.
  • Knowledge- Expertise needed
  • Amount- Recently an influencer charged $ 100k for a single shoot.
  • Student: Maybe a source of distraction.
  • Workers: ideal for passive income.

3. Do Blogging:

There is a fight between text and video consumption as online content. That is Blogging and Youtube video making.

For a quick result, you always search on the search engine like you are reading this article. But if you are watching a video no one knows where the actual solution of the searched keyword exists that’s why videos are time-consuming.

Blogging is evolving day by day even good companies use blogging as marketing for their products.

A blogger makes money by pasting the advertising code on their website, Affiliate marketing, influencer, and a lot more.

  • Toughness- very easy
  • Durability- very high
  • Knowledge- Expertise needed in SEO.
  • Amount- many bloggers I know are making an average of  5000$ a day.
  • Student: Most beneficial for students.
  • Workers: Time-consuming.

4. Make an Online Course:

Many websites (Udemy, Coursera, etc) provide online courses for their students. And they need experts. If you have expertise in a specific area you can make the online course of that and it will be sold online.

This category needs expertise and a lot of time. So I considered it ideal for the students not for the working person.

  • Toughness- Medium
  • Durability- High if you build a reputation
  • Knowledge- Expertise needed
  • Amount- You can charge per course as you need.
  • Student: very good.
  • Workers: Not perfect.

5. Do content writing for others:

A bigger blogging company needs content writers and they pay a good amount. You can write for them and make money online.

A product on the eCommerce website also needs its description and details. You can do that with very little effort.

  • Toughness- Hard to find a job
  • Durability- High if you join the community and make contacts.
  • Knowledge- Expertise needed
  • Amount- Fixed by the employer (negotiable).
  • Student: very good.
  • Workers: very good.

6. Do Graphic Designing:

Many Bloggers, marketing agencies, and web developers always need good quality images and icons, and logos.

You can be one of them who makes their work a lot easier by designing and editing to make money online.

  • Toughness- medium.
  • Durability- High if you join the community and make contacts.
  • Knowledge- Expertise needed in editing software like Adobe, Canva, etc.
  • Amount- Fixed by the employer (negotiable).
  • Student: very good.
  • Workers: preferably medium.

Graphic designing doesn’t need alot expertise. The one who knows all the basics can apply for money making online.

Offline also graphic designer can contact celebrities, brands etc for their advertisement campaign. They always need a good graphic designer and they pay a decent amount for that marketing.

7. Do Video, Audio editing:

This is again similar to the above job there also you need expertise in the video editing software. You also need a high-end PC to fast render the video processing.

You can edit the videos for the bigger YouTubers by only contacting them personally online. Once you made a good contact list you can be a winner of the game.

  • Toughness- Hard to find a job
  • Durability- High if you join the community and make contacts.
  • Knowledge- Expertise needed in video editing software.
  • Amount- Fixed by the employer (negotiable).
  • Student: Highly time consumable.
  • Workers: Highly time consumable.

8. Sell Your Own Digital Products:

There are platforms that offer users to buy Themes, websites, and scripts. A perfect person can sell their own written web products like themes, apps, etc, and make money online when sold.

This needs expertise in the app development languages. So newbies may find it hard. Making a development team could be the best option.

  • Toughness- Medium to get sold if you advertise on social platforms.
  • Durability- High.
  • Knowledge- Expertise needed in respective development languages.
  • Amount-You can select the amount for your digital product.
  • Student: High preferred if you are a computer science student.
  • Workers: Not recommended.

Offline money making:

This could be quiet easy way of making money. If you are a kind of person who loves world out of the internet then this is the ideal for you.

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