Top 10 High paying online courses certificates 2022

Before seeking the highest paying online course certificates you should research the areas so that you can select the suitable niche of the certificate.

I have arranged all the high-in-demand (on LinkedIn and other job platforms), highest paying (As of many course providers and my friends working in the niches) jobs. Online courses are arranged in series below:

1. AI and ML:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are known as AI and ML shortly. This is a booming industry nowadays as of its vast applications. This made a benchmark in the field of voice recognition (Alexa, Siri, Cortana, ok google, etc), face recognition, home automation, industrial automation, and many more.

Motivation: Average salary of AI and ML in India: 6-10LPA

Below are the most exclusive consulting companies worldwide:

  • Google
  • InData labs.
  • iTechArt.
  • ScienceSoft.
  • MobiDev

An AI and ML employer has a role to research a lot of the problems to be solved. And has to write code for that. Sometimes they have to work with the embedded system also. There are a lot of courses related to them but I choose the best of them below. Because of their explainability of the topic and exercises after each section of the teaching.

  • Machine learning – COURSERA
  • Machine learning – edX
  • Machine learning with Python – Coursera
  • Machine learning Crash course – Google AI

It could be a challenging job for some people because it has a lot to research in a going project.

2. Data Science:

Data science has two roles in major, one is DATA SCIENTIST other is DATA ANALYST. Their names explain well about their job roles. A person doesn’t need to be from the IT field to have these skills. Anyone can apply to the companies of these roles with their bare minimum requirement of the study background.

The role of a DATA SCIENTIST is to take the new problem and research the solution of that problem by making bar graphs, linear graphs, pie charts, etc from the database, and then coding the solution accordingly.

Toughness: Some of the people working in this area I have talked about they say it is the most challenging industry, because of the uncertainty of the work. This means a software developer knows what to do but a data scientist has to dig into the problem and have to find the solution first then write code.

Hence there is no surprise that a data scientist has a higher-paying job than a software developer.

Motivation: Average salary of the DATA SCIENTIST in India: 11LPA.

Data science is the highest-paying job of all. Because of its tough ability, I have positioned it second.

Companies hiring DATA scientists:

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. eBay
  4. Alibaba
  5. IBM
  6. Infosys
  7. Wipro
  8. Cognizant
  9. Flipkart
  10. Myntra

Below is the list of best Data Science courses worldwide:

  • Data Scientist Nanodegree Program – Udacity.
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – IBM.
  • Professional Certificate in Data Science – Harvard.
  • Data Scientist with Python – DataCamp.
  • Micromasters Program in Data Science – UC San Diego.
  • Data Scientist in Python – DataQuest.

3. Digital marketing:

A Business always dies due to a lack of customers, which are really buying their goods and services. So a Good business always needs the best marketing practices. Nowadays most urban people are online, so every business needs an online presence to spread awareness to the people. Marketing where the presence of the business is online is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing needs digital platforms like Social media, SEO, etc. Digital Marketing consists of Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing, etc. Below are some useful and hottest certification courses in Digital marketing to get the best job:

A digital marketing certificate may land you in the following career field worldwide:

  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Digital marketing Specialist
  • Advanced web analytics

4. Big Data:

A big data engineer or specialist helps in analyzing the terabyte of data and extracting the best insights from that data by writing the programs of only a few lines. A human can’t do that without using some programs to analyze this much amount of data tables. As the Data of the bigger and medium size companies is increasing day by day, so this certificate is worth it and has an ample amount of opportunities in the future.

Below are some good courses certificate for worldwide people:

5. Cloud Computing:

A cloud computing employee helps in managing hosting services so that the bigger websites are never down. Also, a Cloud gives a virtual computer to the user, so he can make it as a server, data storage node, and much more. These developers have to manage all the things related to the cloud by coding and managing the services provided by the platform.

Below are the best certificate courses in Cloud computing:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate.
  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.
  • AWS Certified Developer Associate.

6. PMP certification:

A big company always needs managers for the different teams to manage. A PMP certification means Project Management Professional certification. Below are some Best online courses for the PMP Certification.

  • Brain Sensei PMP Review Course.
  • Dooey PrepCast Review Course.
  • Grey Campus PMP Review Course.
  • ExamsPM Prep Course.
  • PM PrepCast Review Course.

7. Robotic Automation:

As nowadays people love automation, from food serving to the car washing service. Because robots are quick and correct in the defined task they are highly preferred in the industries also. So a Robotic automation certificate need always gonna boom in the future. Below is the list of best online courses needed for Robotic automation.

  • UiPath Academy.
  • RPA Certification – Udemy.
  • Multisoft Virtual Academy.
  • Edureka RPA training.
  • The RPA Academy.
  • MindMajix RPA Training Program.

8. Agile Scrum:

  • Scrum Alliance
  • Scrum Inc
  • Project Management Institue
  • Scaled Agile

9. Cybersecurity:

  • CISSP – Certified Information System Security Professional
  • CISA – Certified Information System Auditor.
  • CISM – Certified Information Security Manager.
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker.
  • GSEC – GIAC Security Essentials Certification.
  • SSCP – System Security Certified Practitioner.
  • CASP+ – CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner.
  • GCIH – GIAC Certified Incident Handler.
  • OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional.

10. Web development:

A web development is always the high in demand skill for the big and medium size companies. Because a business needs an online presence and a web developer can do it well.

Job roles of a web developer is to make a responsive website for each device like desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

There are some best and handpicked online courses for the web development below:

  • The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp – by Angela Yu – UDEMY
  • The Web Developer Bootcamp – by Colt Steele
  • The Complete JavaScript Course: Build a Real-World Project – Udemy
  • Angular Complete Guide.
  • Web Application & Software Architecture 101.
  • The Complete Web Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery.

All of the above courses are available on udemy website. Their prices changes dynamically in the whole week. So if you wanted to take it in the minimum price check the course price regularly. They have lowest price once a week. And available worldwide in the international language i.e, english.