Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is a game-time choice for the present matchup versus Jacksonville, 

yet Los Angeles is supposed to be wary of his rib ligament injury.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports assuming Herbert sets an aggravation-killing infusion up to play, he should sign a waiver that educates him concerning the dangers of the infusion.

Furthermore, Mortensen says the Chargers have been "proactive" with the association and NFLPA in tending to Herbert's physical issue.

Herbert experienced a rib ligament crack versus Kansas City last week, which Mortensen says takes more time to mend because of the absence of the bloodstream to the ligament. 

Mortensen added that Los Angeles believes Herbert should consider the "long view" while choosing whether to play or not since this injury could wait for weeks to months.

A long time back, then-Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor experienced a penetrated lung while getting an aggravation easing infusion for a rib injury, which constrained him to miss a game. 

Herbert began the game all things considered and afterward assumed control over the beginning position for all time.

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